Monday, February 22, 2010

The Sea Captain's Wife - Beth Powning

Oh, can I tell you how much I loved The Sea Captain's Wife!

Azuba is the daughter of a shipwright in 1860's New Brunswick, Canada. She has grown up around the water and dreams of being a sea captain's wife sailing with her husband around the world. Her dreams seem like they will come true when she marries Nathaniel - a veteran captain. But when she falls pregnant with their first child, he insists she stay on land. But a scandal necessitates Nathaniel reluctantly taking Azuba and their daughter with him on his next voyage. Azuba's dream is at last realized. But is it at the cost of her love and marriage to Nathaniel? What about the physical dangers? Has she put her child in danger or exposed her to the adventure of a lifetime? (This is the kind of adventure I would love!)

I always think I was born in the wrong century and this is the kind of book that greatly appeals to me. Historical - and really, the detail and research that Beth Powning has included in The Sea Captain's Wife was outstanding. I had wonderfully clear pictures of the town, their home, the ship and the ports in my mind as I read.

Azuba is a wonderfully drawn character. Bound by the social mores of her time to do the right thing and be a 'good' wife she still yearns for adventure. Powning skillfully explores Azuba's emotions and feelings as she struggles to balance the two in her life.

The novel is full of adventure as well - storms, exotic ports and what would the high seas be without pirates.

I honestly could not put this one down. A rich tale from an excellent Canadian author. Five stars for me. Read an excerpt of The Sea Captain's Wife.



Booklover Book Reviews said...

Sounds wonderful - love a strong and feisty female character, and how beautiful is the cover of this book!

Anna said...

I'm not drawn to books about adventures at sea, but it sounds like there's a lot going on relationship-wise in this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Diary of an Eccentric

bermudaonion said...

This sounds good to me and I think the cover is gorgeous!

Pierre Pare said...
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Donna said...

I read and enjoyed this one too. Nice review!

B.Kienapple said...

Oooh I almost jumped when I saw you had a review up of this! I love books about adventure on the high seas - plus I hear the writing is actually very good on this.

Sandra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this book so much. It sounds very exciting. I have a copy of The Hatbox Letters by this author on my shelves that I haven't got to yet.
re your comment: I couldn't stand listening to the audio of The Swan Thieves so I read the book and it was wonderful. Hope you like it.

´´Saray´´ said...

This book sounds fascinating! I am writing down the title to see if I manage to get it through Bookmooch (I am also doing the Canadian Book Challenge :) ).
Greetings from Spain! Lovely blog you have here.

Melwyk said...

I want to read this as I enjoyed her previous novel, The Hatbox Letters. The cover of this is great, I had my hands on it at the library last month but was just too busy to start any new books. I'll add it to the gigantic TBR! ;)

Wrighty said...

I hadn't heard of this book before but it sounds amazing! So glad you enjoyed it, great review! I'll have to look for this one.

Unknown said...

I am so glad you linked this review to the party. I would have hated to miss this. I can't wait to read & review...I'll be sure to let you know when I post (could be a while, you should see my pile of books).

Thanks again for your comment on my review of The Wife's Tale.


Amy said...

I definitely want to read this book!