Thursday, October 28, 2021

No One Will Miss Her - Kat Rosenfield

No One Will Miss Her is Kat Rosenfields' new suspense novel.

Lizzie Oullette has lived her whole life in the town of Copper Falls, Maine. Or I should say that in another way - she lived in Copper Falls, but now she's dead and her husband Dwayne can't be found. Detective Ian Bird is called in to investigate. He soon finds a connection to  Adrienne Richards who had been renting Lizzie’s lake house as a country getaway.

The story unfolds from beyond the grave, with Lizzie recounting her life in Copper Falls from her childhood to the present. Lizzie is the town pariah and Rosenfield really emphasizes that with Lizzie's life basically being hell. (There are some trigger situations gentle readers.) I started to grow weary of the ugliness that Rosenfield foists on Lizzie's shoulders. And I really wanted to know why the heck she stayed in town at all, give the treatment she receives from the townsfolk. 

Well, then Part Two came along ... and my perceptions did a quick about face! And this is where I mentally started to clap for Rosenfield's plotting. You'll find an excellent twist in Part Two!  And there's no way I'm going to spoil that for you so I won't say anymore. (But I did wonder if I went back and re-listened to the first part if I would catch any clues....)

There is a part three as well, that tidies up loose ends. Again, I thought there was going to be one outcome to only be (happily) fooled again. Kudos to Rosenfield for keeping me guessing.

I chose to listen to No One Will Miss Her. Cassandra Campbell, Sophie Amoss and Chris Andrew Ciulla were the readers for this title. I always enjoy a cast of narrators as the conversations seem more 'real' and it's easy to know who is speaking at any given time. Amoss reads the part of Lizzie and her voice suited the role. She's got a gravelly undertone to her voice. She captures the mindset and personality of her character, injecting lots of emotions into her reading. She speaks clearly and is easy to understand.  Cassandra Campbell is a perennial favorite reader of mine - I always enjoy her narrations. She reads the role of Adrienne, the rich woman renting the lake house. Oh, Campbell captures the snark and entitlement of this character perfectly! The condescension drips from the words. She paces her speaking well and is also very easy to understand. Ciulla reads the role of Detective Ian Bird. Ciulla has a measured way of speaking that suited a Detective. Calm, efficient. Again, very easy to listen too and well enunciated. Hear for yourself - listen to an audio excerpt of No One Will Miss Her.


Vicki said...

This sounds really good! I'll look for a copy.

Luanne said...

I hope you enjoy it Vicki!

Ethan said...

This is such a cool take to have the narrator tell the story from beyond the grave. I'll have to give it a listen!

Luanne said...

Yes, I liked the delivery method the author chose.