Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Christmas by the Book - Anne Marie Ryan

Yes, the Christmas reading continues! Don't you love the cover of Anne Marie Ryan's new novel, Christmas by the Book

Bookstores are always wonderful, but even more so at Christmas - finding just the right book for a family member or friend. What about for someone you don't know? 

Nora and her husband, Simon have run a bookshop in their small British town for over thirty years. But as Christmas approaches, the writing is on the wall - and the bailiff at the door. The shop will close after the Christmas season. The pair are determined to thank the village for all their support over the years. Simon comes up with the idea of anonymously giving a Christmas book to those who might need a pick-me-up. 

I loved all the titles referenced throughout the book, but especially those seasonal titles. Ryan's love of books and bookshops is evidenced on every page. Now, those books are wrapped, so Nora simply drops one in each of the mail slots, not knowing who is going to get what title.

Here's the Christmas magic bit that I loved - each of the books is perfect for the recipient in one way or another and...... well you're going to have to read Christmas by the Book to find out the rest.

I loved Nora as a lead character. She's someone you'd love to have for a friend. Nora and Simon's relationship is lovingly drawn and is believable. The villagers are a lovely mixed bunch and are again, folks you'd love to have as neighbours and friends.

I know where I would be spending much of my time if I lived in this village - at the bookstore. I created vivid mental pictures of the shop with Ryan's descriptions. Cosy, creaky floors, a working fireplace, large easy chairs by that fire, a children's area, book clubs, events and so much more. Nora and Simon live above the shop - don't you think that would be a fabulous flat to live in! Oh, and there's a shop dog too. :0) 

Christmas by the Book was wonderful seasonal reading for me. Best read with a cup of tea and a quilt.Booklovers, I think this one might just fit in your stocking!

Fans of Jenny Colgan would enjoy this one. Jenny says "A heartfelt and lovely Christmas tale for book lovers everywhere!" I agree! Read an excerpt of Christmas by the Book.


Mystica said...

Bookstores are delightful during the Christmas season. So much choice, and what do you choose.

Luanne said...

Oh, that's it exactly Mystica! I do buy books for gifts, but always seem to gift one to myself as well!