Thursday, April 11, 2019

At the Mountain's Edge - Genevieve Graham

At The Mountain's Edge is the latest historical fiction novel from Canadian author Genevieve Graham. I've enjoyed her last two books and happily turned to the first page....

Graham takes us back to 1897 and the great rush for gold in the Klondike. At the heart of Graham's story are Liza and Ben. Liza and her family are shopkeepers. Liza's father has decided to sell his store in Vancouver and open a new one in Dawson City, Yukon. Ben has led a difficult life, but has found his calling at last as a Constable with the North-West Mounted Police.

I enjoy the varied settings of Graham's books. She has tackled a number of locales and eras, bringing to life pieces of Canadian history. I always learn something with each new novel. The sheer numbers of people who made their way to the gold fields and the difficulty they encountered making that journey makes for fascinating reading. I was also intrigued by the role the NWMP played in the North.

Against that backdrop we have two engaging lead characters. I must admit, my heart was with Liza. She's likable and oh so determined. The tragedies that befall her (how much can happen to one person!?) seem to only make her stronger. Ben has a clear, unerring sense of what is right and wrong. But he also has a temper that he struggles to keep under control. It's inevitable that their paths will cross......and they do. The path to true love is a bumpy one and the romance between the two is slow to burn - and it too suffers a number of tragic turns.

Graham excels at combining fact with fiction. Her books are informing and entertaining.

I turned the last page and sat and thought about those that did make the trip up through that unforgiving passage to what they hoped would be their fortune. History is fascinating and Graham easily combines fiction with fact. Her books are informing and entertaining. I look forward to her next book and piece of Canadian history. Here's an excerpt of At the Mountain's Edge.

"There are so many important stories in our past, and I plan to get to the core of as many as I can. I love to travel back in time and breathe life back into Canadian history, and I want to bring you with me."

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