Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Poles Apart - Terry Fallis

Poles Apart is the fifth novel from best-selling and award winning author Terry Fallis.

Blogs are de rigueur reading nowadays. I must admit I read and follow many, many blogs on widely varying topics. (And thank you you're reading this one!) Some bloggers share personal details, but others choose to remain anonymous. Such is the case with the blog that is at the center of the plot in Poles Apart.

Eve of Equality is a new feminist blog that becomes an overnight success when it posts a story on the owner of a chain of 'high-end' strip clubs that are opening up across the country. Why would the author not acknowledge their success? Television shows, radio hosts, newspaper articles and even a book deal await this feminist movement advocate! Well, the author happens to be a man named Everett Kane, who truly is an ardent feminist. But who will take a man's writing on feminism seriously?

As Everett attempts to keep his identity private, there are others just as determined to find out who he is. Everett's location choice for his new apartment is a great comedic plot device. It also brings in a great cast of supporting players and a romantic possiblity. Everett is in Florida to help his father recover from a stroke. Dad is a unique personality with some good lines, as is the recuperating feminist pioneer also in residence at the home.

The dialogue is great fun, witty and smart and the characters are all a little left of centre -  you can't help but mentally cheer for them. The plotting is somewhat telegraphed but is great fun. But mixed within this comic tale are many grains of truth. Everett's blog posts, musings and beliefs can all be read and taken quite seriously as they contain many valid points.

Poles Apart is another witty, charming read from Terry Fallis, again underscoring whey he has earned the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour more than once. Although No Relation remains my favourite Fallis book, I quite enjoyed Poles Apart. Read an excerpt of Poles Apart. Or visit Terry Fallis on his website and listen to him read the book. You can also find Fallis on Twitter.

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