Monday, May 20, 2024

Think Twice - Harlan Coben

I have read each and every book Harlan Coben has written. His standalones are great - but I have a soft spot for Myron Bolitar and his friend Windsor Horne Lockwood III aka Win. Think Twice partners up the two again.

Things start off with a curious prologue. A man who died three years ago has just left his fingerprints at a crime scene. How can that be? The FBI comes knocking on Myron's door to ask the same question...

The plotting is impeccable and there's no way you're going to suss out the answer to the question of whodunit. There are twists and revelations along the way that change the direction of the investigation many times. The ending is edge of your seat, nail biting good. I loved being along for the ride as Win and Myron stay one step ahead of the FBI - and others. The two of them have each other's back. The dialogue between Win and Myron is short, snappy and a heck of lot of fun to read. 

There are a lot of supporting players - some good, some of them not so much. I'm happy to say though, that Esperanza and Big Cyndi are back as well. We also hear from a mystery person in chapters that are chilling.

A satisfying read that I finished far too soon. More please! An easy five stars from this  reader. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Think Twice.


Ethan said...

I love it when I can't guess the killer, and Coben seems to have a penchant for surprises!

Ethan said...

Coben has a penchant for pulling off a great twist, so I'm intrigued by this one. Do I need to read the other books first? I've only just started to dive into his writing.

Luanne said...

I love being surprised too Ethan!

Hmm, going back first....I'm torn. They can all be read as standalones. miss the characters as they grow and change. On the flip side, in the latest book enough is explained that you would know what came before.

Let me know which way you decide to take!