Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just Sit - Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz

I've had it in my mind for a while that meditation is something I need to add to my bag of coping skills. I downloaded a great app and have been trying out some guided meditations over the last few months. But, I wanted to know more. Just Sit by Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz is hands down a fantastic guide for beginners (and honestly I think anyone) looking to expand and explore their knowledge of meditation and mindfulness.

Just Sit starts with the basics and expands and builds on that starting point. You're going to want to read from front to back instead of flipping around. (which is my usual tendency with non fiction books)

What is meditation? There's a brief chapter on the history. Why would you want to meditate? The health benefits are simply put - astounding. And it's backed up by medical studies. Seriously, I could not believe what just sitting and breathing would affect. And that's the thing - it's simply sitting still and breathing. How to meditate? There are chapters on what might or might not work for you. Remember there is no set 'must do' agenda. Equipment (a cushion!) or not, time, place, postures, mantras, focus, chakras, breathing, exercises, mindfulness and so much more.

I bookmarked so many pages as I read - there is a wealth of information here that needs to read more than once.  Now, having done that first read through, I am going to start with the basics (There's an eight week plan for beginners) and only progress when I feel ready to move on. As you do progress, there's some great strategies and ideas for dealing with your crap. You know what I mean - we all have unresolved issues that needs to be dealt with - both past and present.

All of this is presented in a really great format. Lots of illustrations, text boxes and white space make the information appealing and easy to read. And its written with candor and humour.

The most important piece I've taken away so far? Yep, it's that easy - just sit. Find the time - if it's only a minute to start, that's great. You started. Do it again tomorrow. And the next day. This is an awesome book for anyone looking to explore mediation - and themselves. Absolutely recommended.

Read an excerpt of Just Sit.See what others on the TLC book tour thought. Full schedule can befound here. I received this book for review from HarperCollins and TLC Book Tours.

"Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz are two of the founders of the celebrated newsletter The Well Daily. Together they have traveled the world to study meditation and learn from its many renowned teachers. Elizabeth is the coauthor of Downtown Chic and Home by Novogratz, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Sukey is an executive producer of the acclaimed documentaries The Hunting Ground and I am Evidence. She sits on the board of the Joyful Heart Foundation and lives in New York City." (Photo: Adrien Broom)


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for being a part of the tour!

trish said...

I've been wanting to do some meditation as part of mindfulness, but have felt it would be too overwhelming to start. Your review makes me think it wouldn't be hard to incorporate!