Monday, January 7, 2013

The Intercept - Dick Wolf

You may not immediately recognize Dick Wolf's name, but I'm sure you know the name of the hit television show he created - Law and Order. Wolf has now turned his talents to fiction and his first book The Intercept  is newly released. It's the first in a series featuring NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk.

It's happened before - a terrorist on a plane, bent on blowing it and everyone aboard to kingdom come....but this time six passengers aboard the plane manage to thwart his plans. They take him down with no casualties. Jeremy Fisk works for the Intelligence Division of the NYPD and is called in as the plane lands. Although the outcome was favourable, Fisk still has a bad feeling. There was no bomb, just a detonator....and there's one passenger on the plane who disappears before he can be questioned.

The six passengers? Instant heroes and celebrities. Fisk's partner Krina is tasked with shepherding The Six as they've come to be known. Fisk? He's chasing down leads that disappear and change two steps ahead of every move he makes.

Wolf has made great use of his TV talents. The Intercept has the feel of a television series written to hook you and keep you watching - or reading as the case may be. The plotting is excellent- believable and frightening. Although the terrorism angle is nothing new, I didn't see Wolf's twist coming. I found the 'marketing' of the heroes fascinating (and an interesting social commentary). The lead characters are well written and likable. The pacing of the book keeps you hanging on for just another chapter...and another. Or, in my case another disc. I chose to listen to this book. Peter Ganim was the narrator. He was a great choice - he's got a strong, tough, gritty voice that just says 'cop'. He easily conveys the tension and drama with his deep voice.

Fans of 24, Vince Flynn and Nelson DeMille will love Jeremy Fisk. And this reader would definitely read/listen to the next in the series. Listen to an excerpt of The Intercept. Or read an excerpt of The Intercept.


bermudaonion said...

I knew his name was familiar - I just figured this wasn't his first book. I do enjoy Nelson DeMille so I'll have to give this a try.

Luanne said...

Kathy - lots of intrigue, flag waving and espionage included!