Friday, March 9, 2012

What Did You Make on March Break?

March Break is almost upon us and you still might be figuring out what you can do with the kids that week. DK Canada has some great ideas.

Parents can send in photos of what their kids make on March Break and the March Break creations will be judged by Craft Guru Extraordinaire Jane Bull (author of Make It, Made by Me and the upcoming Stitch By Stitch… she also was one of the creators of DK’s perennial Eyewitness series ) and the winning entry wins a signed Jane Bull collection and a $150 DK shopping spree. Details can be found here. Ends March 31/12.

To help you get started DK Canada has 30% off some of their crafty titles in their March Break Survival Boutique. There are lots of great titles to choose from, but the one that caught my eye was Quilting Step by Step by Maggi Gordon. The daughter of a friend from work has asked if I can help her with her 'artist' badge, so although I quilt, I though this would be a great little book to review the basics before we started.

And it absolutely was. Gordon provides good, solid coverage of the basic items needed - pins, threads, needles, templates, cutters, fabric selection and more.

The next chapter goes into detail about assembling different blocks, starting from the very simple nine patch and log cabins to the more involved hexagon and cathedral windows. (This is a block I've always admired, but never gotten to yet - the instructions are crystal clear with detailed pictures accompanying) Foundation piecing and many options for applique are also covered. Indeed, there are over 75 pictures of various blocks.

And once you're done piecing your top, Gordon explains how to add a border and finish your piece. However, this quilter will not be handstitching anything in the near future! Machine finished for me!

Quilting Step by Step is a great starter book for those looking to try this time honoured art. Pair it up with some fabric and you've got a great gift. Or a way to spend some time together on March Break!

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