Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hold Tight - Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is one author who is on my 'Must Read" list. His latest - Hold Tight- does not disappoint!

Tia and Mike Baye decide to 'spy' on their 16 year old son after much deliberation. Adam's best friend Spencer committed suicide and Adam himself has been distant and non communicative. They are worried about him, but also worry that they have crossed a line by 'spying' on him. They install a program on his computer that catches all keystrokes including instant messages. They are stunned when they intercept one that reads

" Just stay quiet and all safe".

Mike is a doctor and he and his partner are searching for a match for a kidney transplant for the young son of Mike's next door neighbour. All is not as it seems on the surface at this house either.

The mother of Spencer cannot accept his suicide and is constantly searching for answers as to why he killed himself. What she finds opens up the whole tragedy again.

Adam disappears - has he run away or has been abducted by the sender of the 'all safe' message? Mike tries to track him and is attacked by unknown assailants.

The local police are also dealing with the unsolved murders of two local women.

All these seemingly disparate stories come together in a way you can't imagine. Although the ending gets wrapped up a little too neatly, its still a good read.

Coben is one of the best selling thriller writers today. If you enjoy James Siegel, James Grippando, Jonathan Kellerman, or John Sandford (new one in the Prey series coming soon!) you will enjoy Coben.

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