Thursday, September 30, 2021

So, This is Christmas - Tracy Andreen

Yes, more Christmas tales! I never grow tired of them. :0)  

Tracy Andreen's newest book, So, This is Christmas, is a teen take on a Christmas tale.

Finley Brown is happy to return home to her small town of Christmas, Oklahoma  for the holiday. Her first semester at an elite boarding school hasn't gone as she had hoped and she doesn't think she'll return. Imagine her surprise when  she finds out that a boy from school, along with his aunt, are staying in Brown family inn for the holiday. Why in the world would he come to Christmas for - well, for Christmas?

Could it have something to do with the town's website - that Finley may have tweaked a wee bit? I did find Arthur's reason a bit of a stretch initially. But go with it - there's more to his decision that the reader will discover later. And it made much more sense.

Andreen has created a great lead character in Finley. She's so likeable and the reader can't help but be behind her as she navigates starting new chapters in life, returning home to find out that things didn't stand still while she was away and yes, maybe a bit of a romance as well! It's no secret that this is a rom-com tale (evidenced by that cute cover) and Arthur is the other half of the will they, won't they equation. He was just as well drawn as Finley. The supporting cast is populated with a mix of young and old players, all with their own stories and dramas.  

There's lot of Christmas activity in the book - baking, parades, light shows and more. You might want to add a few to your own traditions. And all of this activity only fueled my own list! (Hmm, it's not too early to put the tree up - is it?) And I will be hunting down the teas and cocoa Andreen serves her characters. 

So, This is Christmas is charming, heartwarming seasonal fare, seasoned with friendship, family and of course - romance. See for yourself - read an excerpt of So, This is Christmas.

(And here's a fun fact - Andreen has also written a number of Hallmark Christmas movies!)

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