Monday, June 1, 2020

Fair Warning - Michael Connelly

I've read every book Michael Connelly has written and loved them all. I was really happy to see that Connelly was bringing reporter Jack McEvoy back for a tale of his own in the newly released Fair Warning. If you haven't read Jack's first two cases, The Poet and The Scarecrow, you're missing two great reads.

Jack is now working for an online consumer protection news site. But murder has found Jack again. When a woman he had a one night stand with a year ago is found killed (in a most unusual way), Jack finds himself on the suspect list. And he can't help it - he begins to investigate the case on his own, against the advice of his editor and the police. For single-minded Jack, it's all about the story, the heck with the danger he brings to his doorstep - or that of others.

The who, what, where and whys behind the killer's methods and motives are current and so very disturbing. The dark web, genetics and extreme misogyny. All seen in current newspaper stories. I think this reality is what makes this plot so frightening.

Connelly's writing is just so good. Engaging and entertaining. His work just flows. I was drawn into the book from the first pages. Easy to do when there's such a great premise - and lead character. Jack is impulsive, driven and dedicated. He's not always right but you can't help but admire his tenacity. I appreciated that his personal storyline was continued, bringing back Rachael, the FBI agent (and love interest) who was in the last book.

The reader won't be able to predict the course of the book. I had predicted one twist that never came to fruition. And the ending wasn't what I had expected either. I really enjoy being kept on my toes.

A fantastic read and most definitely recommended. And one more cool fact - Fair Warning is real. You can check it out here. Myron Levin is in the book as the editor of Fair Warning - a job he holds in real life. And Connelly is on the board of directors.


Ethan said...

Connelly is an author I'd love to read more of. To date, I've only read The Lincoln Lawyer and The Late Show.

Luanne said...

Both excellent reads Ethan - but all of them are! The Amazon Prime series of Bosch is really good too.