Thursday, January 30, 2020

Heart of Junk - Luke Geddes

And now for something completely different..... I loved the cover of Luke Geddes' new book Heart of Junk - all those little pieces of treasure. Or, depending on your viewpoint, junk.

I love flea markets, antique stores, garage sales etc. Geddes has set his book in the fictional Heart of America antique mall in Wichita, Kansas. There's lots of excitement at the mall - Mark and Grant from the tv show Pickin’ Fortunes are rumored to be coming to Heart of America to film an episode. Young Lindy Bobo is also missing - and the vendors decide to help with the search, hopefully finding her and adding that to their television story.

Okay, that's the premise - which absolutely hooked me. But, it was the seven characters and their inner thoughts and personal stories that kept me listening to 'just one more chapter'. I thought all of them were really well written - there's a wild range of misfit heading into unraveling happening here. Geddes caught me off guard more than once with a revelation unexpectedly dropped into the narrative. And then the story would veer in a direction that I didn't see coming.

But, there's also a look at collecting, hoarding, saving, keeping, selling and finding solace with 'stuff'. Or purging. Honestly, you'll never look at a Barbie Doll the same again.

I chose to listen to Heart of Junk. This audiobook features an ensemble of readers. I really like when there is a cast - it makes it easy to know who is 'talking' and makes the book a little more 'real', if you will. The readers were Samantha Desz, Arthur Morey, George Newbern, Rebekkah Ross and Jacques Roy - which includes a number of my favorites. The reader chosen for each character was perfect and matched the mental images I had come up with. Each voice was clear and easy to understand. They all captured their piece of the plot well. (Ronald scared me....) I've said it before and I'll say it again - I find I become more immersed in a story by listening.

Hear of Junk was a wonderfully fun, quirky, satirical, entertaining novel. It kept me engaged from first page 'til last. You're either going to love it or leave it. This listener loved it. Here's an audio excerpt of Heart of Junk.

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