Thursday, November 8, 2018

Celebrate Nature with DK Canada

I'm one of those people - I try to get my Christmas shopping done long before December. I love giving books as they give back.

Do you have a nature lover on your list? DK Canada has a great selection of books for both adults and children in their 'Celebrate Nature' boutique.

Peek and Seek, illustrated by Charlotte Milner caught my eye - and Little Guy's.

The cover is bright, colourful and has animal faces peeking through the cut outs on the cover. The title page lets you see who those face belong to. There are six 'find it' double page entries - birds,  monkeys, wolves, ants, fish and rabbits. Each entry asks the read to lift the flap or the fold 'to see'. On our first read through, Little Guy and Gramma guessed what we might find under the flap before opening it. What we found were intricately detailed drawings of each of the five animals presented. He had to look at the entire picture first And then we read the facts about each animal category that accompanies the images. Little Guy learned quite a bit from these snippets.

But that's not all you'll find under the flaps. Each panorama also has a 'seek and find' list that asks the reader to find other creatures hidden in the drawing. There are 28 to find on each double faced page. Depending on the attention span that day, we would find a few and come back the next day to finish the list. Little Guy really likes 'finding' books as he calls them. The last pages house an additional 'fact file' about the six animals.

This book stayed 'fresh' for a long time as there's much to see and do in Peek and Seek. This is a book that will be read many times.

As always with DK books, the colours are bright, appealing, there's much to learn and things to do. The book is in board book format only - it's quite sturdy. Which was good, as Wee Sis decided she needed to read it too. She's quite young, but she too was quite happy that she could find things too. (The larger images)

Peek and Seek gets a big thumbs up from Gramma and Little Guy. This would be an excellent addition to a 3-6 year old's library. Have a peek at the pages below.


bermudaonion said...

I love DK books!

Luanne said...

I agree Bermudaonion!

Icewineanne said...

This looks so beautiful & educational. Perfect for gift giving.
Thanks for posting this, i’m running out to purchase a copy :)

Luanne said...

It's a great little book Icewineanne - and the recipient will love it!