Friday, June 22, 2018

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover #216

- You can't judge a book by its cover - which is very true. 
But you can like one cover version better than another....

US cover
UK cover
I followed Faye Kellerman's Decker and Lazurus series for
many years, but haven't kept up. (Too many books, too little time!) The latest (#25) is Walking Shadows. The US cover is on the left and the UK cover is on the right. Two very, very similar covers this week. White for the author's name, red for the book title. Somewhat similar fonts. The main differences are the window shape/style. They both have broken glass, both are worn wood, with a bit of paint still left on the UK window. Four panes vs. six panes plus. The US cover gives us a bit of the building the window is in - the UK does not. Now, what about the addition of that green weed in the UK cover? What does it signify? Life? Tenacity? And of course the UK cover has a tag line, giving you a hint about the story within. So, this is a hard one to pick this week. I think I am going to go with the UK cover. The US window/building says 'Deliverance' to me. What about you? Which cover do you prefer? Any plans to read Walking Shadows?
You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover is a regular feature at A Bookworm's World.  


Kay said...

I think I agree with you and pick the UK cover. They are very similar though. And, yes, I used to read this series. It's another that fell off my list, not because I didn't like it, but others took its place. Same goes for Jonathan Kellerman's series. Sigh. Too many series, right?

bermudaonion said...

The covers are almost the same. I really had to study them but like the UK cover better as well.

Luanne said...

Looks like a win for the UK cover this week - so far.