Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook by Jean Blacklock

There's much to be said for the cover of a book. Does it make you look twice? Make you want to open it to see what's waiting inside you to discover? Make you hungry? For a cupcake?

The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook by Jean Blacklock does all of the above! And I love the tagline....Living Life One Cupcake at a Time.

Prairie Girl Bakery is a sought out bakery, known for having the best cupcakes in Toronto. Prairie Girl is a scratch bakery - they use real eggs, real chocolate and real butter, milk and fresh ingredients - no premade mixes or shortening. And if you can't make it to TO to pick a sweet treat from Prairie Girl, here's the next best thing - their recipes have been compiled into a just released cookbook.

The first few chapters explains those basic ingredients - and why they make a difference as well as tools.

PGB uses five basic recipes for their fifteen everyday cupcakes. Same for the icing recipes. Honestly, I was kind of stunned when I realized how easy they were. And that the PGB mantra works - good ingredients and follow the recipe - you can't mess up. And I didn't!

The treats of the week are a little more involved, but look so very good. I haven't managed to try them yet, but the Lemon Cheesecake Cupcakes are calling to me. There are so many choices in this section - perfect for holidays or special occasions. I know what I'm taking to the next pot luck, birthday, office celebration!

Blacklock has included gluten-free versions AND vegan versions of all the basic recipes - cake and icing. The last chapter touches on presentation and gifting cupcakes.

Each recipe can be used to make either 36 minis, 18 regular or 12 large. The one thing not included is the nutrition information. But really, just go ahead and enjoy one without worrying about calories - or two.....

The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook is printed on lovely, heavy stock and is filled with lovely colour photos that will have you salivating. The layout of the book is great and recipes are clear and easy to follow. Blacklock's love of baking and engaging personality shines through all of the chapter introductions and tips in each recipes.

If you love cupcakes, this is definitely a cookbook you want to own.

Oh, and the name? " The owner, Jean Blacklock, is from Saskatoon and proud of her Prairie roots even though her former careers in law and banking took her to Calgary and Toronto."

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bermudaonion said...

I love to bake and will take a cupcake over a slice of cake any day so I need to check this out.