Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella

Rainy, cold afternoon? Check. Comfy couch, pot of tea? Check. Perfect time to settle in with the latest by Sophie Kinsella? Absolutely! And so with delicious anticipation I turned to the first page of Wedding Night.

Lottie is 33 years old - she wants to get married and start a family. She's sure that her boyfriend Richard is the one. And she's sure he's going to pop the question - after all it's been three years.

Her sister Fliss has already married and has a beautiful son. But not a beautiful marriage - she's in the midst of an acrimonious divorce.

Well, Richard doesn't pop the question and Lottie runs headlong into the arms of her old flame Ben - and right up to the altar! Fliss is determined to keep Lottie from making what she sees as a terrible mistake. And Ben's friend and business colleague thinks the same. What ensues is a hilarious scheme to sabotage - you guessed it - their Wedding Night.

Kinsella uses both sisters to narrate the book. It was great fun to have not one but two female leads. Their personalities are miles apart, but I found each character quite engaging. Yes, some of the situations are far fetched - but I'm not reading for reality - I'm reading for entertainment. And Wedding Night definitely kept me entertained. It was light and funny and I know I had a smile on my face much of the time.  (This would make such a great rom-com movie)

Pick up a copy of Wedding Night for your beach bag this summer! Read an excerpt.

For me, Sophie Kinsella is the Queen of Chick Lit. You can find Sophie on Facebook


bermudaonion said...

I haven't read any Kinsella in a while but her books are always a treat!

carol said...

I just read my first Sophie Kinsella book. I can't say I loved it, but I did enjoy the end.

Luanne said...

Kathy - they're just fun fluffy reading for the front porch.

Carol - I always think rom com movie when I read her books and imagine what actress I would cast as the lead.

Lindsey from Random House of Canada said...

You're right, this would make a good rom-com movie! Now who would we cast as Lottie?