Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forgotten - Catherine McKenzie

Forgotten is the third book by author Catherine McKenzie. I've read the first two - Spin (my review) and Arranged (my review), but I have to say, this latest book is my favourite. (so far!)

I always stop and look at a cover before reading and wonder - what does the picture have to say about the story? Where could this woman be going?

Well, Emma Tupper goes on more than one journey. When her mother dies, she leaves Emma a ticket for a journey she wished she could have taken herself - a month in Africa.

"Her death was a fractional thing. One moment she was still and pale, but alive. The next she was gone. It seemed like almost nothing had happened, but that almost nothing changed everything for me."

Emma is a lawyer and has been working towards  partnership for many years. When her firm strongly discourages her taking a month long absence, she surprises herself by going anyway. The trip starts out well, but within a few days, Emma is seriously ill. The safari leader leaves her with volunteers in a remote village with a promise to send a doctor. But then an earthquake decimates the country. Emma recovers, but there is still no way for her to contact anyone from her remote village. Six months later, she is finally able to return, ready to step into her life again. But, that life is no more - the key to her apartment doesn't work, there's a strange man living there, she can't reach any of her friends by phone, someone else has her job...and more. When Emma googles herself, she discovers the truth - she's been declared dead.

McKenzie has concocted a great premise that just opens up so many avenues. As one supporting character advises Emma -  to "treat what happened to me like an opportunity to change the things in my life I didn't like."

Emma was an eminently likable character. Her best friend Stephanie was loads of fun - I'm quite taken with her bookstore/match making concept! All the classic elements of a great chick lit read are here - love interests (then and now), b****y co-workers, a great supporting cast with both humourous and wise characters, missed cues and found opportunities. But in addition to all that, there is that underlying question - what's important and what would you change? Lots of food for thought there.

McKenzie's prose flow easily, deliciously enveloping me in Emma's tale for hours at a time. If you're looking for the best books to stock your beach bag with this year, make sure you include Forgotten. It's one you won't forget. (sorry - couldn't resist!)

CATHERINE McKENZIE was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. A graduate of McGill University and McGill Law School, Catherine practices law in Montreal. An avid runner and skier, her novels SPIN and ARRANGED are national bestsellers. Visit her online at catherinemckenzie.com. Or you can find Catherine on Facebook and on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Luanne! - Catherine

bermudaonion said...

I love it when an author gets better and better! This sounds great!

Andrea @ Cozy Up said...

I completely agree with you, I love Catherine's writing. This book really makes you think about your own life and what things you would do.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of this one as well. Putting it on my list to check out in the fall.

Teena in Toronto said...

I just finished it ... it's good!