Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Killer Heat - Linda Fairstein

Killer Heat is the 10th eagerly awaited novel in the Alex Cooper crime series.

Fairstein is writing from experience. She ran the sex crimes unit for the District Attorney in Manhattan for over 20 years. Alex Cooper is also a Manhattan DA - sex crimes. Because of Fairstein's experience, the crimes, dialogues, law, atmosphere and characters all ring true.

Fascinating as well is Fairstein's use and accounts of New York's history. Crimes, clues and investigations all happen within parts of New York and it's boroughs that I'm sure many native New Yorkers don't even know about. For a fascinating video of Fairstein telling us about Alex Cooper and real footage of some of the locations used in Killer Heat, click here. Look for the video in the bottom right corner.

"Coop" usually works with Mike Chapman - a homicide detective with a predilection for the TV show Jeopardy's final question. She also works with Mercer - another detective who is the calm voice of reason. The relationships of these three are part of the charm of the series.

Killer Heat takes place in August in New York. A young woman's badly beaten body is found in an abandoned building in the East River. Yet another body is found and it looks to be the work of the same person. Do they have a serial killer on their hands? A third body is found and it appears the answer is 'yes'.

The interaction between characters, the settings, the fast paced action all add up to make Fairstein one of the authors on my "Waiting for the next book" list.

If you like the recurring characters of John Sandford and Jeffery Deaver, you will love Linda Fairstein. I dare you to read just one!

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